The Bach Collegium-Fort Wayne

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Mission Statement

The Bach Collegium is a not-for-profit choral and instrumental ensemble composed of disciplined and experienced musicians presenting performances and workshops using J. S. Bach as its model composer.

Who We Are

Who We Are The Bach Collegium is the region’s only early music choral and instrumental ensemble. The Collegium uses period instruments, and our concerts reflect period performance practices. We take great care to choose vibrant resonant spaces for our presentations, where voices and instruments can best showcase the buoyant style of the Baroque era.

The Bach Collegium is a ten year old choral-instrumental ensemble. Comprised of over 30 disciplined and experienced singers and 18 instrumentalists, the Collegium performs in a variety of spaces conducive to the unique sound of the Baroque style. The use of period instruments allows for a warm, "airy" sound that blends harmoniously with unforced voices, providing a transparent, articulate and altogether welcoming sound that has become the hallmark of the Collegium. The sound produced is not unlike what Bach and his contemporaries would have heard and performed. Characterized in this way, the group has been called "one of the finest blended ensembles in the area" .

Because few local musicians play period instruments, the Collegium must import most of its instrumental participants. This expense constitutes a major portion of its $31,000 annual budget. Please visit our Support Us page and consider aiding this effort.