Audition for the Bach Collegium


The membership numbers between 30 and 45 vocal musicians (professional singers and advanced students) and between 7 and 17 instrumentalists (all professional). Most singers are volunteers. There are, however, four salaried section leaders (SATB), a salaried accompanist, and soloists, instrumentalists, and lecturers who receive honoraria. All participants are chosen by audition, which is arranged through appointment with the Artistic Director. You can use the email form on our Contact Us page to request an audition. Vocalists should review the requirements and download the documents needed for an audition from this page

Rehearsals: Tues, 7:15 to 9:30 pm (see Rehearsal/Performance Schedule) at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 202 W. Rudisill Blvd (2 blks west of Clinton), begin Tues 9 Sept


  1. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances. If an “act of God” (sickness, funeral, etc.) prevents attendance at a Tuesday rehearsal, that rehearsal must be made up the following Sunday at 2 pm or by appointment. On the weekends of the concerts, extra rehearsals with orchestra are required (all these are identified on the Rehearsals/Performances Schedule 2014-15). Singers commit themselves to one 2-month segment of rehearsals and concerts at a time. Most elect to sing in all three segments, but there are some whose schedules permit them to sing in only one or two.
  2. Singers pay a $10.00 music fee at the beginning of each 2-month segment.
  3. Unique to our Collegium is that we do not have a salaried director, paid office staff or board. This invites our director, our 30 to 45 volunteer singers, and 15 volunteer board members to roll up their sleeves and together do what in other organizations is done by paid personnel. Hence, all of us are encouraged to do chores that inform people of our concerts, that provide us with an audience, and that help to obtain the financial support needed to cover production costs. Specifically, singers are requested to (details in Annual Brochure):
    1. sell tickets for fundraisers
    2. sell ads and tickets for concerts
    3. solicit donations