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Our Bach Collegium is a not-for-profit ensemble that welcomes your support. Your donations to the Collegium will help us continue bringing to Fort Wayne...


the quintessential composer of all time

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very much as Bach himself heard it and performed it,

What About the Other "B"?

Brahms, Beethoven and Bach are well known as the "Three B’s of Classical Music", for their genius in musical composition. We regularly hear inspiring live performances of works by the 19th-century composers Brahms and Beethoven in our concert halls. But what about the other “B”, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), who is regarded by many as the father of classical music itself? Why is the music of this all-time master so seldom heard in public concert, aside from church services and the occasional organ recital?

The reason, in large part, stems from the fact that Bach composed much of his finest music for performance by choruses and vocal soloists, accompanied by the light-voiced instruments of his time (the so-called Baroque Period). Most of today’s choruses and soloists are not accustomed to singing in the light, "dancing" style that makes these works a sheer delight to hear, and an orchestra of modern instruments, with its more "assertive" sound, does not well support this style of singing. Consequently, today’s concert audiences have not been strongly drawn to Bach’s music. They would be if they could hear it as it sounded in Bach’s day.

Fort Wayne’s Bach Collegium is remedying this situation by presenting Bach as Bach should be heard. This group, organized and directed by Dr. Daniel Reuning, has been thrilling local audiences since 2003 with its performances of choral and instrumental masterworks by Bach and other Baroque composers. The Collegium consists of thirty-three dedicated professional-level singers, accompanied by some of the finest vocal soloists and instrumentalists available for the authentic presentation of Baroque musical literature. Dr. Reuning, a noted scholar in the music of that period, meticulously trains his singers in the vocal nuances that bring the excitement of these works to the audience. The orchestra includes the period instruments so necessary to convey the real Baroque "sound". The result of this exceptional preparation is readily apparent to the listener.

The Bach Collegium needs your help. As you know, all not-for-profit 501(c)(3) performing arts organizations depend on generous financial contributions from charitable foundations, businesses and individuals, in addition to the revenues from their ticket sales, to meet their necessary expenses. The Collegium is no exception, even though its ticket prices are scaled to maximize revenue, its concerts are well attended (often sold out) and unpaid volunteers do most of its work. We therefore ask you to contribute as generously as you can to support this valuable community asset.

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